Space Planning and Programming Services

Our approach to space planning and programming connects the business goals of organizations to their physical environments and people. Our innovative techniques will help you to shape people's activities in built environments. Our work brings a user-centered decision making process to design development for commercial, institutional and cultural environments. Our solutions target the outcomes that your organization needs in physical environment such as:

  • Facilitating customers' attraction to commercial products in retail environments.
  • Creating opportunities for learning and social interactions in educational environments.
  • Providing clear navigational paths for your building's users and help you offer safe and legible environments.

Master Planning for Museums

We provide consultancy and project management for planning museum buildings and expansions. For museum building and gallery expansion we determine space requirements and plan the circulation patterns of collections and people (visitors and museum staff). In advanced stages of architectural projects, we manage projects in coordination with architectural firms. Our services will ensure that designed environments will serve museums' curatorial, educaitonal and visitor oriented goals.

Exhibit and Display Design

We can develop, design, build, and install exhibits that have educational and entertaining values for various groups of users. Our exhibits can be planned for various environments including museums, visitor centers, educational facilities and commercial environments among others. By leveraging our knowledge in various display techniques, our exhibit solutions will capture your visitors' attention to best suit your educational and commercial goals.

Services We Provide Include:

Design and Planning:

  • Master Planning and Programming
  • Conceptual Design Development
  • Exhibition Planning and Design
  • User Spatial Experience Design
  • Graphical Design


  • Vision Planning
  • Content Interpretation in Layouts
  • User Spatial Behavior Research
  • Evaluation in Design